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Proportional Representation: An interview with Fair Vote Canada (FVC) President Réal Lavergne. from Derby on Vimeo.

Proportional Representation: An interview with Fair Vote Canada (FVC) President Réal Lavergne. from Derby on Vimeo.

Proportional Representation: An interview with Fair Vote Canada (FVC) President Réal Lavergne.
Proportional Voting gives us governments based on how we actually vote. If 40% of us vote for Party A it will get 40% of the seats, and Party B with 10% of the votes will have 10% of the seats. This is quite different from the First Past The Post system we now use in Canada. In our current system a party that gets 41% or 42% of the votes will usually get a majority of seats in the Federal or Provincial Legislature, and therefore 100% of the power to govern.
For example, in the last Ontario election, the Doug Ford government won 76 of 124 seats - a strong majority - with only 40.5% of the votes. The Liberals got 19.6% of the votes (half as many as the Conservatives) but won only 8 seats. In that Ontario election ... it took 30,000 Conservative voters to elect one person, but the Liberals needed 150,000 voters to elect one member. You can see how our voting system treats voters for different parties quite differently. The Ontario Greens got 264,000 votes but only elected one person. And 40,700 voters were needed to elect one NDPer. So voters for some parties have a lot more 'power' than voters for other parties, which one can say is unfair and undemocratic. When 40% of the votes gives a majority government, as typically happens in Canada, we can see that we are not really getting the governments that we actually vote for; which is a BIG problem. Also, PR countries often end up with Coalition Governments which better reflect how people want their country governed. These are some of the reasons that so many people are working to try to bring Proportional Voting to Canada.

Chief Del Manak, Policing in Victoria BC from Derby

Chief Del Manak, Policing in Victoria BC from Derby on Vimeo.

Victoria Police Chief Del Manak talks about policing in an era of growing social problems like homelessness, the placing of mentally ill people on the streets, tent cities, income inequality, and etc.
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Jack Etkin in conversation with Dimitri Lascaris - Green party of Canada leadership candidate

Dimitri Lascaris - Green party of Canada leadership candidate from Derby on Vimeo.

Jack Etkin in conversation with Dimitri Lascaris - Green party of Canada leadership candidate. Dimitri was born and raised in southern Ontario and by profession a lawyer. He started his career as a Wall Street Lawyer representing large corporations and found that not particularly satisfying and returned to Canada in the late 90’s and began a career as a class actions lawyer. and more recently has stepped back from class action laws and began to devote himself to independent journalism for a not for profit news organisation called The Real News mainly around climate issues as well as Activism and probono work for the last 4 years.
Dimitri joined the Green Party of Canada in 2007 after the 4 th report of the IPCC which caused him to be quite alarmed for the future of his children. He has served as Justice Critic in the Green Party of Canada shadow candidate as well as in the Green Party of Quebec.
Currently there are 9 people in the race for leadership of the Green Party and started officially in the beginning of February and running through to the end of September 2020 and the leader will be announced on October 3 rd. Dimitri Lascaris feels the leadership race is a robust debate about the ideological, political direction of the future of the party Some candidates tend to represent the political center and others like Dimitri who identify as Eco-socialists arguing passionately that the party needs to become a champion of the left.
Dimitri defines Eco-Socialism as fundamentally every single member of society without exception has certain basic human rights that are not only respected in theory but also in practise; every single member of society has a reasonable opportunity to achieve his or her potential having the basic necessities of life guaranteed to them. Housing, education, health care, food security and access to information that they may need to exercise their political rights all of which has to happen in a framework which is sustainable and environmentally responsible and preserves the health of our planet.

Citizens Forum with Joe Roberts and the Democratic Socialists of Canada

Jack Etkin with Joe Roberts of the Democratic Socialists of Canada (DSC).
The DSC is a new moment founded in the aftermath of the 2019 Federal General Election when they felt the voices of working and struggling Canadians was being heard. The issues that were debated had little to nothing to do with with the struggles that working Canadians face in this country. The big issues like democracy in the work place and wealth inequality, the every day things like the cost of living increases, challenges of seeing a family physician, defunding of our health care system was not being discussed. Problems that are systemic and exist in everyone’s lives were being ignored. 74% of the people that did not vote in the last election when polled said they did not think any party represented them or what they stood for. The DSC is a group or moment founded around the principle of creating systemic change to give the people what they want
The DSC is a group or moment founded around the principle of creating systemic change to give the people what they want.
There are 17 chapters in Canada and growing in numbers. The on going strategy of the DSC is to look at what it takes to change a society. Generations of people in Canada have fought to change our society and fully democratize it. Politics in Canada is on a 4 year cycle, the DSC strategy cycle is a long range 30 year cycle by:
1. build a chapter structure across Canada with local chapters developing and building on the local issues that affect their communities
2. recruiting, training and encouraging democratic socialists to run for office at the non partisan level,
3. to change the political party structure and democratize them by engaging with their members that are members of the political parties
Most people do not understand the role of the Bank of Canada (BoC), the prime role of the BoC is to keep inflation low by keeping the interest rates low, quantitative easing or a massive influx of dollars to corporate and institutional investors by buying back government of Canada bonds

Citizens Forum Jake Etkin in Conversation with
Brian Gray

Citizens Forum Jake Etkin in Conversation with Brian Gray from Derby on Vimeo.

Jack Etkin in conversation with an ordinary Canadian Brian Gray. The conversation is between Jack in Victoria and Brian in Ontario via Zoom. Brian like many wishes to see critical thought and analysis on the covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic feels as thou it is the greatest bamboozle in the history of civilization, total insanity with the nefarious intentions of the few to control the many
The governments of Canada have added to the confusion and mistrust with their many flip flops in advice, are they properly digesting the data available. The data shows that seniors with co-morbidity issues are the most at risk yet little is being done to protect them as a group and the hospitals were basically closed to be prepared for the predicted onslaught of covid patients. Many patients had their surgeries and testing placed on hold because of overinflated.
The lockdown of the population and economy is a grave and serious mistake leading to the current serious predicament of high unemployment, business bankruptcies, increases in addiction, suicides, spousal abuse, child abuse and more. The fall out from these actions will exceed the deaths of what should have been classified as a bad flu season.
There are many health authorities and expect that have other positions on the pandemic the many government officials. These other views are being ignored in the main stram media and should considered as other possibilities until proven otherwise

Citizens Forum Walter and Jack Show June 10, 2020

Citizens Forum Walter and Jack Show June 10, 2020 from Derby on Vimeo.

Walter and Jack in conversation. Is the covid 19 virus pandemic as serious as some medical authorities are saying? We have so many different reports coming from experts and a variety of health authorities.
Why is there intolerance to other opinions of the seriousness of the pandemic. Does anyone one properly understand viruses. The inconsistent message is creating confusion and mistrust the public has of the health authorities. The fluctuating messages on the use of face masks is a good example.
The complex social economic issues that have resulted from the lock down make the issues even more of a challenge to know what to do and creates confusion and an unprecedented level of fear in the public.
When the issues of mandatory vaccinations, micro chipping of the population and contract tracing come to the fore front of the current crisis the level of fear and confusion can be expected to increase. Civil Liberty issues mandatory vaccinations etc raise will need to be addressed. For people to accept these issues they will need what they feel is accurate and honest information. Two former Merck (one of the largest pharmaceutical companies) scientists are suing their former company for misinformation with respect to vaccines, the case has been in the courts for years.
A citizens assembly of randomly selected people to look at these issues may be a way to return the trust of the people

Citizens Forum May 23 with Rick Habgood and Jack Etkin

Citizens Forum May 27 2020 Rick Habgood with Jack Etkin from Derby on Vimeo.

One the first of what will probably be the new normal for Citizens Forum zoom recorded interviews. Rick is the Host of a new Shaw South Vancouver Island Community Cable TV show – The New Normal.
The Covid19 virus and ensuing lockdown is the lead off topic for Jack Etkin and Rick Habgood. Is the official story of Covid correct, we assume the bureaucrats and politicians are telling the correct version of the situation. Can we trust the media, politicians or government officials are telling us the full story.
Is the best science available to make the best decision and in the best interest of the people of Canada and just actions in the best interests of the 1% of the 1%. Would an inquiry done by a randomly selected people in the form of a citizens assembly help us recognise the correct answer and scientific facts
The governments of Canada are committing many dollars to deal with the virus and the lockdown are running up a huge amount of debt and raise the deficit unless the Bank of Canada is used to monetize the economy. Will the federal government use the Bank of Canada to raise the funds or are they planning to obtain the money from commercial banks and financiers. Will the discussion of how we will pay for the aid be discussed in the house of commons.
On a positive side the whole virus and lockdown issues has made people look closer at their own lives and how can they reduce the amount they take such as a reduction in the amount of gasoline they consume. How will these changes contribute to the new normal? Some companies and workers have working from home has advantages and will continue to work from home.
There will probably be some industries that will be a lot smaller after the lockdown, the International Tourism Industry will most likely be much smaller than it was pre covid

Jack Etkin with Norm Ryder May 27 2020 Fake News

Jack Etkin with Norm Ryder May 27 2020 Fake News from Derby on Vimeo.

What is “Fake News”
We don’t see things as they are we see things as we are.
With so many conflicting sources of news, reporting news and views from a wide perspective, the skill of critical thinking is more important now than ever before. It is important to seek out many sources of information to have the raw material to critically think what is the accurate news.
Seeking out news sources from those that have the opposite view on many world events than you is an important way to get the broad spectrum of information. When evaluating ones news sources understanding the biases of the source is important if one is to determine if the particular news is fake.
During recent years the level of trust in the mainstream or corporate media has progressed rabidly down to no credibility. There are so many variants to the Covid facts it is difficult to know what is the truth.
The use of fake news has been going on for years. One of the best know example of fake news was the Gulf of Tonkin Attack which precipitated American start of the war in Vietnam. Years later the Pentagon has admitted there was no attack, in the same way it has been acknowledged the Weapons of Mass Destruction did not exist in Iraq yet the fake news of their existence was enough to start a war there.
There seems to be a consistent record of trumped up events or False Flag events. It may be naive hope that people are now beginning to question the official media line more and more.

Citizens Forum May 27, 2020 Jack Etkin and Canada's Housing Policy

What is Canada’s housing policy? The housing policy is basically what we see all around us -very high rents, very high house prices. A lot of people having to pay a very heavy price just to find a place to live, and a lot of homelessness. It appears to be a deliberately designed policy, designed by what in the US might be called the deep state or the 1% of the 1%.
Citizens Forum May27,2020 Jack Etkin and Canada's Housing Policy The deliberate lack of housing policy started in the 1980’s when we had a large national debit created and we were told it was a disaster on par with the current Covid crisis. At one time the federal and provincial government built 1000’s of units of housing and effectively turned the housing industry over to the private sector, who created a large shortage driving the price of housing up.
When they created record low interest rates, which had the effect of causing house prices to immediately begin to rise. During this period Canada built very little rental housing, why one sees a stock of older rentals and some very new rentals. This had the effect of requiring people to buy their housing. Other incentives to purchase were also provided such as the mortgage holder providing or assisting with a down payment. The opening of our housing markets to the international markets along with companies like Air BnB reduced the number of units available especially for those at the bottom of the economic industry.

Citizens Forum May 27, 2020 Jack Etkin and Canada's Housing Policy from Derby on Vimeo.

Citizens Forum Norm and Walt May 10 2020 from Derby on Vimeo.

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