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The abuses of WorksafeBC

Worksafe BC like many other similar Worker's Compensation (WCB) around the world have drifted away from the original intent of no fault insurance for workers injured on the job where claims are decided on their medical merit. It seems too often the claim decision is based on science created by Worksafe and judged by lawyers in what could best be described as a kangaroo court inspired by one of Lewis Carolle's Alice in Wonderland novels. Legal process that few school yard bullies would be able to dream of.

Citizens Forum with Mr Jaskam Singh Gill on WorksafeBC

Jas Gill an injured BC Worker and human rights activist from the BC Human Rights Organisation with his concerns on WorksafeBC and in particular a policy in their Claims and Rehabilitation Manual or more accurately recently removed from their manual. Policy 96.20.
An injured worker in BC is required to turn over to WorksafeBC any expert medical advice and information they receive from their medical people. Worksafe is required to look at the evidence impartially. Often the worksafe staff are making decisions on medical evidence on file which often does not include worker supplied evidence
Jas and others have been trying to bring to the attention of the RCMP and others the actions of Worksafe denying medical treatment is more than a Human Rights abuse to deny the right to proper medical treatment through intentional misdiagnosis. In some claims medical information is delayed or missing from an injured worker’s claim. This leads to delayed or misdiagnosis and delayed treatments.
These “errors” appear frequently in others claims and can not be excused as the occasional administrative error.
To rectify the situation for both himself and other injured workers Jaz has reached out to the current minister of Labour while he was an opposition member and later as the Minister of Labour Harry Bains. Minster Bains has been aware of Jaz’s situation since July of 2015 when Jaz approach Minister Bains when his local MLA Marvin Hunt ended when the MLA asked Mr. Gill il if he was planning on committing suicide, some MLAs such as MLA Adam Olsen of Saanich North have said it is illegal if they help a constituent. Jaz has video evidence and audio evidence of some MLAs and constituency assistants are carrying out unethical conduct which is a violation of the government code of conduct and protecting WorksafeBC. This includes the Minister of Labour. The change of political governing political parties in BC has not change how the regime runs worksafe.
There are investigations into worksafe pending. The deputy attorney general has sworn in an affidavit for Minister Bains for some of the Worksafe issues Worksafe by taking advantage of the missing policy 96.20 have taken advantage of injured workers in British Columbia has met the standard for Human Rights Abuse They have met with the current Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth who as agreed that it is a major crisis that affects the public, Minister Farnworth has taken no action Jaz and his group have seen. More than enough evidence has been presented to the Attorney General David Eby, the RCMP and other officials to compel a public inquiry. Minister Bains is noted in Hansard (2007) saying there is evidence of collusion between an employer and WorksafeBC. At that time as an opposition member Harry Bains was calling for a public inquiry. The then Minister refused to do it.
Since taking office Minister has not taken action on the Petri report which confirms the BC Worker’s Compensation System in BC has been falling the people the injured workers they are supposed to help for the last 30 years. There has been virtually to no information on the Petri report in the mainstream media. The Janet Patterson Report has been suppressed by Minister Bains. Where is the Janet Patterson Report, in the opinion of many Worksafe BC is a major contributing factor to the opiate crisis and homelessness in BC when injured workers are denied treatment.
BC Human Rights Organization

Citizens Forum with Mr Jaskam Singh Gill on WorksafeBC from Derby on Vimeo.

WorksafeBC 3 billion Dollar loss under the cover of COVID 19

WorksafeBC looses 3 billion dollars of surplus money because of the downturn in the stock market. It is difficult to understand how they could accomplish this loss when an organisation with a similar requirement to preserve the public's money, The Canada Pension Plan ws able to increase their assets by more than 4%. It is difficult to understand how Worksafe could have a surplus of more than they need for operating reserves or to fund liabilities due injured workers when so many injured workers are denied benefits for no justifiable reason. Logically if the money is invested in the stock market one can not lose 100% of the money unless all their investments went bankrupt simultaneously. The stock market did not drop to 0 and has recovered much of the in the order of 30% it lost. Where is the money disappearing it and blaming it on COVID19 does not feel as though we are being told the truth. Disappearing the money under the cover of COVID feels more like an excuse to raid the public funds by the few.
Difficult to find out who is responsible for this loss but it appears WorksafeBC like many other government and crown corporations have the government controlled BC Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) invest their money and that of a variety of pension plans. This raises the concern of if the BCIMC was able to literally wipe out a 3 billion dollar surplus account in 3 months, are the funds they hold for taxpayers and pension funds equally disappeared?
Consistently the management of the BCIMC is paid significantly more than other senior management of other BC government Crown Corporations, who are among the highest paid workers in the BC economy. We are regularly told we have to pay the highest wages to get the best for these senior management positions. Losing money of this magnitude does not have the feel we have the best managers of these corporations.

WorksafeBC 3 billion Dollar loss under the cover of COVID 19 from Derby on Vimeo.

Citizens Forum May 05 2020 George Kavallis

George has had enough with WorksafeBC and has started a BC Human Rights Action against Worksafe BC He is also calling for the minister of Labour Harry Bains to immediately release the Janet Patterson rep

Citizens Forum May 05 2020 George Kavallis from Derby on Vimeo.

When will Minister Bains release the Janet Patterson Review of WorksafeBC from Derby on Vimeo.

When will Minister Bains release the Janet Patterson Review of WorksafeBC

In April 2019 The Minister of Labour for BC announced Janet Patterson would conduct a review into the practices and operations of WorksafeBC The review was conducted under "hurry up" atmosphere but apparently the hurry up does not extend to the ministers office where the report has languished on the Ministers Desk for 6 months and he has said will not be released in the near future. Where is the report and what is so explosive in it that the minister must withhold it from the public. Does the report detail systemic problems at WorksafeBC that have been known for years by anyone unfortunate enough to injure themselves at work in BC

When will Minister Bains release the Janet Patterson Review of WorksafeBC from Derby on Vimeo.

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Abuses of WorksafeBC

WorksafeBC like many of workers compensation programs globally has strayed from the foundation envisioned over 100 years ago when workers gave up their right to sue employers in the event of an injury in exchange for no fault insurance. This agreement was known as the "Historic Agreement" 100 years later too many injured workers in BC have found they are not protected by WorksafeBC and are worse off now than the worst their ancestors had to endure when they were injured on the job

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