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Presented not as expert medical advise or how to not come down with COVID19.
In general terms overall health and good nutrition will help put one in a good position to survive in the best way possible when challenges like a virus must be dealt with.
Art one time few gave much consideration to the association of food and health or what you eat is a big impact on one’s health.
One of the most important things in life or one of ones duties is to keep themselves as health as they can. Good food and exercise are a big part in keeping in the best of health, along with staying away from pollutants and poisons which seem to be around us in ever increasing amounts. Health practitioners when needed are an important part of a healthy life.
Avoiding stress is an important factor.
Following good nutrition, exercise, and avoiding stress and pollutants in ones life will have big affect on ones health

Rocco Galati Lawsuit against the government re masks use of masks to stop the spread of covid19

Rocco Galati Lawsuit against the government re masks use of masks to stop the spread of covid19 from Derby on Vimeo.

Rocco Galati discusses his lawsuit against the government of Canada re masks use of masks to stop the spread of covid19.
Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 7 individuals and the group Vaccine Choice Canada which advocates for safe vaccines and the right to consent prior to getting vaccinated.
The lawsuit is against the federal government, Justin Trudeau, Dr. Teresa Tam, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and some members of his cabinet and his chief medical officer and the city of Toronto, Toronto mayor John Tory, and etc.
The CBC is also named as a defendant.
The lawsuit says Trudeau and Ford have dispensed with their parliaments and are acting in a way that was constitutionally abolished some 350 years ago...The suit also says that measures like social distancing and masking are neither scientifically or medically based. They were invented in the context of this pandemic, there is no science behind them.
Galati says the preponderance of scientific opinion is that masking is not effective and can be harmful as well. It is a health risk.These actions of forced social distancing, the closure of businesses and limits on religious services, and limits on gatherings violate various sections of the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
In Italy, 96% of the CV19 deaths occurred in long term care homes ... in Canada the number is 84%
The government also refuses to say WHERE their science is coming from. Doug Ford will not divulge the substance of the medical advice he is receiving, nor from whom he is receiving that advice. (Here in BC we have asked Dr. Bonnie Henry's office for the science and research upon which the social distancing and lockdowns are based, and they refuse to respond to those questions.)
The lawsuit cites more than 40 world and Canadian experts who say the lockdowns, distancing and masking are unwarranted and that this year is no different than a regular to severe influenza year as occurs every year. In the US people are in a media created panic over 130,000 CV deaths but in 2018 180,000 flu deaths occurred ... and there is every reason to believe that this year's numbers are also being inflated.
The government is creating the panic. The prime minister and premiers should tell us who is advising them, and what advice they are getting. YouTube and Facebook are taking down material that contradicts what the government or WHO are saying... so the opinions of world experts are being removed by FB staff people because it disagrees with 'the official story'.
The mainstream media will not cover this lawsuit or cover points of view that contradict the official virus story.
CBC should be defunded for their betrayal on this issue. They are acting like the media in the old Soviet Union.

Covid-- a critical look at the data for Canada

Covid-- a critical look at the data for Canada from Derby on Vimeo.

Jack Etkin interviews John Manley the writer of an article for the Off Guardian published July 1 st 2020 titled COVID Deaths in Canada: A Questionable Statistic. Before Canadians surrender anymore of their freedoms to COVID-19 propaganda, can we stop and ask some critical questions? The Off Guardian is an alternative news web site started by a group of people that were blocked from posting their comments on the Guardian Newspaper site, they started their own web site to comment on the Guardian articles and ask the tough questions. John started with the site because of the COVID virus and his concern the hard questions were not being asked. The regular influenza virus is technically a serious public health matter. Using Health Canada’s own data they are saying that 22 out of every 100,000 are dyeing of Covid. HC says 10 in 100,000 die during a normal flu season. John questions whether enough are dyeing to justify what they are doing. John took a deep look at the information and compared the rate to the infection/ fatality rate as they do in other countries. The infection/fatality rate is a look at how many die of those infected. When one looks at the figures broken down for Canada the virus appears significantly more deadly in Quebec and Ontario than the other provinces, why? The fatality rate for most flu’s is between 0.1 and 0.2 or the BC rate of 0.18 is no worse than a bad flu.

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