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Jake Etkin and Norm Ryder discuss Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Jake Etkin and Norm Ryder discuss Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from Derby on Vimeo.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EHS) is a number of symptoms that people with the problem feel when exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) also referred to as Radio Frequency, microwave radiation mmwave and other terms.
There are many different symptoms that can vary from day to day depending on the condition at the moment of the person, the frequency, intensity, duration of exposure and other factors. The most common is headaches that are often similar to a serious migraine headache, severely itch skin, a “brain fog”, and sleeplessness are also common experiences. Others can experience more serious ones such as heart palpitations to the point of causing life threatening heart arrhythmia
The original plan had been to do an interview with a man that recently lost his wife to what appears to be EHS. They had moved several times to find a place on Vancouver Island with tolerable levels of radiation, but after each move were pursued by the advancing saturation coverage of EMR. The couple valiantly fought a losing battle to raise there concerns with all levels of government in Canada and BC.
They rarely received more than a from letter not addressing their concerns from the provincial medical health officers of British Columbia and Canada, often no more than some inappropriate response from their bureaucrats.
The onslaught of increasing radiation cost not just people’s quality of life but also their lives in some case. Yet the governments presumably driven by the power of the Global 15 trillion dollar industry continue to not act in their citizen’s best interests.

Super Stressed

Super Stressed Janis shares information about her experiences with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity or Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EHS).
She experienced to that other may know if the have electromagnetic sensitivity.
She first realised her feelings of stress were caused by by electromagnetic radiation while working in a medical office. She changed the lighting, air conditioning and still every days had headaches that were not related to the patient work load. She felt nauseated, at times had heart plantations and even felt she was not managing her stress properly. She tried every thing she could think of to change her environment .
When someone came to fix the wireless and turned it off she then realised that wireless radiation was causing her symptoms. She then decided to work as a temp and work in different office so she could leave if the effects of radiation were too much for her. Often in the top draws of the desks of the people she was replacing because they were ill bottles of pain killers . When she looked around she would find the wireless router nearby – overhead at their feet or some other nearby location.
After she retired she began to look more closely at what kind of symptoms people get. For her she gets headaches and feels an extreme urgency to leave the space. Her nervous or neurological system is affected with a feeling of fight or flight. The closer she is to the router or source of radiation or longer she stays the more she feels the urgent need to leave.
Travelling has become extremely difficult because the hotels all have wireless routers and she can not sleep
She found the used car she recently bought has a source of radar/ She asked the dealership where she bought the car to turn it off because it gave her a sensation she was chocking. The dealerships service people told her they could not turn it off. When she took the car in for servicing she had done her own research and found it could be turned off, the head mechanic turned it off. She has found in the book by Robert Becker The Body Electric ( 1998) acres of already developed land would have to be bought up around radar installations, cell towers and other installations radiating electromagnetic radiation.
One of the worst things one can do is put a baby next to a wireless baby monitor or send children to schools with their intense wireless routers and exposures.

Super Stressed from Derby on Vimeo.

MicroCell Presentation to Central Saanich ,BC, Council

MicroCell Presentation to Central Saanich ,BC, Council from Derby on Vimeo.

Industry reported 5G Deployment Challenges

Industry reported 5G Deployment Challenges from Derby on Vimeo.

An ITU meeting last December the, Senior Expert, EMF and Health, Ericsson Research, Stockholm in a presentation Impact of EMF limits on 5G network roll-out expressed concerns about how the small cell transmitters would be placed in the environment. International Telecommunication Union or ITU? The ITU is not a union in the sense of a labour union, is a UN Specialized Agency mandate “We allocate global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strive to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide” The conclusion of the presentation is all one needs to know about the issue “EMF compliance may be a challenge for 5G massive MIMO sites if assuming theoretical maximum power for all beams” Any country following ICNIRP standards (not science based are not science based – based on the needs of the telecom industry. the deployment of 5G will be a major problem in countries where the limits are at levels more appropriate to not cause biological harm. EMF challenges for 5G Potentially higher EIRP and larger EMF compliance boundaries (exclusion zones) than for conventional antennas if theoretical maximum power is used for all beams EIRP = Effective Isotropic Rated Power – the units will radiate more power. Larger EMF compliance boundaries; the multiple antennas (MIMO) many transmitters produces a complex environment of peaks and valleys of radiation occur, another point on the slide “International EMF limits more conservative in the nearfield which may lead to larger compliance distances for small cellbase stations” Radiation in the near field is more chaotic and difficult to understand than in the farfield where the inverse square law applies. In the near field a number of authorities other industry experts advise multiplying the power value by 4. The factor of 4 is important to note. Industry expert Dr Robert Kane formerly of Motorola, Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette in the nearfield the radiation could 100 times expected 28 GHz 5G massive MIMO small cell the nogo zone around their unit is 1.5 meters if the ICNIRP standards are used – no “factor of 4 power multiplier for peaks of radiation near their device 3.5 GHz 5G site with massive MIMO the nogo zone is 25 meters (80+ft), multiplier of 4 not used. The bottom of the slide “Very large exclusion zone due to unrealistic power - may lead to substantial 5G deployment challenges” Actual maximum power of 5G massive MIMO antennas No factor of 4, no other radiation a t site. No mobile devices adding power to and more complex environment to determine the spikes are and extent of the near field Rationale for actual maximum power use maximum power should used as it is typical for power to boost if there are connection issues Example: 5G site with massive MIMO 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz, actual maximum power 25% as the “actual maximum power”, when one applies the “factor of 4” the actual maximum power should be 100% power. The exclusion zone is now 10 m (30+ft) Impact of lower national EMF limits 1/10 of ICNIRP limit At 10 th limit the exclusion zone is 37 meters (120ft) and this is when only 25 percent of the allowable power is used. He notes “Size of exclusion zone makes 5G network roll-out very challenging” Impact of lower national EMF limits 1/100 of ICNIRP limit There is a significant body of Science that shows ICNIRP/100 is still far too high. Even with the ICNIRP/100 he notes deployment of the units would need to be 70 m(230 ft) and 115 m(378ft) away from a human accessible location . He notes this scenario would make deployment impossible In an ITU document https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Regional... the Senior Director Research & Sustainability GSMA Impact of 5G on mobile network topologies RF-EMF exposure and antenna deployment perspective“New published evidence confirms that there are no adverse health effects deriving from exposure to radio frequencies from telephony mobile antennas, Radio and Television transmission and wireless systems (Wi-Fi) used at work, school or home.”A link to support his statement leads to page does not exist. He was not aware of the National Toxicology Program’s recent findings.

Dr Pall Victoria July 3, 2019 Harm Caused by EMR and the reasons why

Dr. Pall July 3 rd Victoria - The harm caused by EMF and the mechanisms which cause the harm.
The ICNIP based guidelines such as SC6 are inadequate.
5G, and why it will be much more dangerous than the EMFS we are already exposed to.
The fields we are already exposed to are having very profound health impacts on us and the environment.
The EMF standards based on the ICNIRP guidelines such as Canada’s Safety Code6 (SC6) do not protect from the harm caused by Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF/EMR).
The guidelines are based on the harm caused by thermal effects and do not address much of the damage caused at the cellular and genetic level. There have been many statements from scientists and physicians expressing high level concerns about the safety guidelines because they do not take into consideration non thermal effects. The current guidelines are based on incorrect presumptions. Canada’s guidelines are slightly looser (worse) than most other country’s guidelines.
Pulsed EMFS have been shown in many studies to be much more biologically active than other forms. 5G is designed to be highly pulsed. The various safety guidelines ass nano pulses together as though they are scalar – they are not scalar they are vectors. Scalars have intensity but no direction, vectors have both intensity and polarity -ANOTHER FATAL FLAW IN THE PHYSICS OF THE GUIDELINES.
There are “exposure windows” where you get maximum effects and if you go to either higher or lower windows the effects are less. The dose-responses are incredibly difficult to predict. One can not predict the responses based on simple models like the safety guidelines. It makes no sense to average the pulses when they do not have linear dose responses.
Every claim of safety made by industry re the safety of EMFs is fraudulent.
One of the primary harms is the effect on Voltage Gated Calcium Channels. (VGCC)
The biology tells one what is going on in the cells and the physics tells one why the effects are happening.
The ICNIRP based safety guidelines are off by a factor of something like 7.2 million
At levels far below the safety guidelines there have been many effects found over and over again: Affects on fertility, Neurological effects, Neuropsychiatric effects, DNA damage, Apoptois, Programmed cell death and Oxidative stress, Endocrine effects,Excessive intracellular calcium, Cancer, Cardiac effects. There should not be any question that EMFs cause cancer; there is huge evidence of this. Early onset Alzheimer,ADHD and Autism as well as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) are also concerns
It is reasonably to believe that the highly pulsed radiation from 5G will produce universal or almost universal very early onset Alzheimer dementia. We are taking risks that no rational society on earth can take.
It is highly probable that 5G radiation will push many countries over the reproductive cliff much more rapidly , possibly as much as 10 times more rapidly.
Further massive increase in exposure from 5G further expansion of 4G, putting radar units in cars may mean that our collective brain function could crash in months, rather than years. If we have such a crash we will go into utter chaos. Dr Pall believes there will be many ecological impacts as well.
One of the ecological impacts may be gigantic fires caused by 5G. It is possible that a fire in South Korea was caused by 5G as EMFs cause plants to produce large amounts of highly volatile terpenes.
5G presents threats of a sort that have only been equaled once in human history – the threat of instant nuclear annihilation.
5G must be stopped – failure is not acceptable.
Dr Pall believes there will be many ecological impacts as well.
One of the ecological impacts may be gigantic fires caused by 5G. It is possible that a fire in South Korea was caused by 5G as EMFs cause plants to produce large amounts of highly volatile terpenes.
5G presents threats of a sort that have only been equaled once in human history – the threat of instant nuclear annihilation.
5G must be stopped – failure is not acceptable.

Dr Pall Victoria July 3, 2019 Harm Caused by EMR and the reasons why from Derby on Vimeo.

Dr Timothy Schoechle Victoria

Dr. Schoechle “Reinventing wires – the future of land lines and networks ” Victoria, BC July 3rd 2019. Dr. Schoechle is a global expert on wired fibre networks, a member of the standards board of the IEEE, a former faculty member of the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science and a senior research fellow at the National Institute for Law and Public policy.
Dr. Schoechle is the author of the Institute's Reinventing Wires -the future of landlines and networks publication written for policy makers; particularly members of the US Congress and legislators across the US Reinventing Wires
Approximately every 10 years sales of cell phones need to be rejuvenate with the promotion of a new generation “G”of technology. 3G and 4G are already implemented and %G is in the early stages of being implemented. The deployment of each generation crates a large requirement for new hardware for both the industry and consumers. The financing of the networks requires a large influx of money from consumers to fund the deployment of the network required hardware
such as the small cells /edit currently being placed on seemingly every second utility pole.
An executive summary of the report is The Internet has become one of the defining technologies of the modern world. Why has America, its creator, become one of its most impoverished users among all the developed nations in terms of the proportion of its people with Internet access and the speed and quality of that access?
This report seeks to address these questions and propose answers and solutions. It explores the
historical forces at play
emerging technologies
public policy choices and opportunities
Smart Grid
Internet access has been hijacked by commercial interests
America down to 17th place among developed countries
Dominated by a triopoly
Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T
Keeps access slow, scarce, and expensive
Wired (regulated) networks disadvantaged and neglected
Wire (fiber) money diverted to wireless infrastructure (i.e., cell sites)
Wireless smartphones are being oversold
Because wireless is more profitable
Wireless unregulated—phone company spin-off ventures
Cable unregulated—unlimited consolidation (mergers & acquisitions)
Wireless not a substitute for wires
Wireless is an ancillary service—mobility at the end of the wire
Push by phone companies to decommission landlines
Divert the fiber money to support cell sites instead Force customers onto proprietary wireless networks.

Dr Timothy Schoechle Victoria from Derby on Vimeo.

What is the true electrical and environmental cost of your wireless connected device

When one looks at the mining and processing of rare earth minerals through to the manufacturing of the devices and considers the electrical generation cost whether it is the construction of a hydroelectric dam and the flooding of ecologically sensitive valleys or the construction and operation of coal fired thermal generating plants along with the strip mine removal of mountains to provide the coal for the plant.
The massive infrastructure costs to get that of data to ones device is usually overlooked too.
Even the industry and associated think tanks are sounding the alarm about the massive amount of electricity the Information Communication Technology is demanding. Projections are if it does not already require 20% of the global electrical generating capacity it soon will.
A cell phone using twice the electricity a refrigerator uses is not the claim of an extremist environmental group. This figure comes from the US National Mining Association and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.
CEET or Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications Bell Labs/University of Melbourne released a white paper with a number of interesting observations. Reading the preface alone is enough to realise the wireless grids are the cause of some very serious concerns for industry and even more for Humanity.

#bcpoli #yyj #bc

What is the true electrical and environmental cost of your wireless connected device from Derby on Vimeo.

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