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Citizens Forum Health and Nutrition

Presented not as expert medical advise or how to not come down with COVID19.
In general terms overall health and good nutrition will help put one in a good position to survive in the best way possible when challenges like a virus must be dealt with.
Art one time few gave much consideration to the association of food and health or what you eat is a big impact on one’s health.
One of the most important things in life or one of ones duties is to keep themselves as health as they can. Good food and exercise are a big part in keeping in the best of health, along with staying away from pollutants and poisons which seem to be around us in ever increasing amounts. Health practitioners when needed are an important part of a healthy life.
Avoiding stress is an important factor.
Following good nutrition, exercise, and avoiding stress and pollutants in ones life will have big affect on ones health

Citizens Forum May 27 2020 Jack Etkin on Health and Nutrition from Derby on Vimeo.

Citizens Forum Vitamin C

Vitamin C has saved lives for over 80 years, Are there forces that don’t want you to know of an inexpensive therapy that works Waiting for a vaccine against a rapidly that may or may not be effective against a mutating corona virus, is costing many lives. Meanwhile a few brave doctors are getting results with IV Vitamin C against COVID. Vitamin C has a long history of cures for a panoply of diseases. In 1937 when the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of Vitamin C was awarded to Dr. Szent-Gyorgi, a Hungarian biochemist, He predicted its use fighting cancer. Animals nor plants can live not without vitamin C, it is surprising some have lost the ability to produce it over the course of evolution. A few years after Szaent-Gyorgy’s, Dr Stone showed Vitamin C produced by all other animals equates to 2 to 20 grams per day, proportional to the weight of a human body. An average diet for man would cause a deficiency of ascorbate. In the early 1950’s Dr. Klenner was the fCitizens Forum Vitamin Cirst to show small amounts of ascorbate work. He used megadoses of up to 100 grams daily and saw consistent cures in a variety of viral and bacterial diseases. During the polio epidemic of 1948-49, Dr. Klenner cured all polio case he saw by using vitamin C. His published medical reports of over 20 were ignored. In 1970 two time Nobel Prize winner and peace activist Dr. Pauling, published the book, “Vitamin C and the Common Cold” Later convinced through research on biochemistry of health vitamin C was useful in against flu, and other diseases. Use of vitamin C soared to become one of the most popular ‘drugs’ in human history. “The hiding of this vitamin C secret in the cure of polio and similar thinking in the treatment of other infectious diseases has prevented the discovery of the treatment of most acute infectious diseases. This genocidal ignorance and flat out murder has cost multi millions of lives. These bastards have kept the newspapers, TV, radio, science reporters, lawyers, courts etc, in line on all of this. Let us see if they can stop the internet.” Dr Cathcart, MD In early 1970s, desperate to find a treatment for his hay fever and stuffy nose, he discovered vitamin c after reading Pauling’s book, Dr Cathcart was fascinated with the idea that with the onset of a viral illness, the body can process amounts of vitamin C not causing its common sideeffect, diarrhea. Dr Cathcart treated many patients with vitamin c megadoses – 7,000 during his 7 years in Incline Village a. A popular lecturer, he freely shared his findings with colleagues. He was not well published. Like Pauling, Dr Cathcart encountered rejection and scorn from scientific and medical journal editors. During ensuing years a few doctors and clinics have carried on work healing with vitamin C. Dr. Riordan’s clinic was the leader using IV doses to treat cancer patients. His protocols continued at the University of Kansas and McGill University. Canadian Hoffer MD, PhD treated schizophrenia with large doses of vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B3. China was the first country to use vitamin C to fight against corona virus when 50 tons was donated by a local factory The director of the International Intravenous Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team, Dr Cheng, MD, PhD reported 3 clinical trials during February. Results were, by early March the ShanghaiCitizens Forum Vitamin C government announced official recommendations that COVID be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C. Dr Cheng recommends oral vitamin C to prevention infection. Daegu, South Korea inpatients and staff members usevitamin C orally. Some better after 2 days, many symptoms go after 1 injection, Hyoundjo Shin, MD Despite these reports ignored by western media and censored by social media conglomerates, news reached Dr Weber, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist Spokesman for the medical org. Dr Weber works for, Northwell, said vitamin C was widely used throughout its 23 hospitals. News spread to other hospitals, including Houston Texas. May be sometime before the medical profession embraces this inexpensive non-pharmaceutical treatment for bacteria and viral diseases, including COVID. In 1848 Dr Ignaz Semmelweis demonstrated handwashing saved lives. Mortality rate for new mothers dropped 18 to 1%, despite this he faced resistance, he died in a psychiatric ward very despondent at 47. Took 25 years and many deaths before attitudes to hygiene shifted. If this vitamin C saves lives, why sacrifice thousands of COVID patients waiting for a promised vaccine? Is history repeating itself? Vaccines have risks, awards by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program are 4 billion dollars and growing. ‘vitamins have never killed anyone’ Andrew Saul Orthomolecular Medicine News Service Postscript To the chagrin of for-profit drug Industry, pioneering doctors, believing in the dictum, “At first Do No Harm”, will work to bolster Health through proper science protocols. Ed Johnson,Editor

Citizens Forum Vitamin C from Derby on Vimeo.

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