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Cycling week four

The week started with the bike in the shop for a few quick "break in adjustments". Less than 1 hour later I was back on my way. When I purchased the bike I had the tires changed to a wider tire so the bumps etc. would not be as jarring as they were when I first test rode it. I found I prefer to ride sort of more seated on the back of the seat rather than in the bottom of the seat. I found this position gave me 2 advantages:
1. sitting up off the bottom of the seat gave me a bit more cushion when hitting the bumps etc. and
2. by sitting up it allowed my legs to extend the "power " portion of the pedal stroke and even use the strips for some lift on the pedals. In addition to the break in adjustments I had them change the rear tire to a thinner tire.
The 20 +K home proved the adjustments worked and I did seem to be riding faster with less effort or at least fewer cyclist were passing me.
Still "babying" my ankle a fair amount so did not ride Thursday and relatively short rides on Friday. The Friday ride was interesting from a nostalgia perspective. Part of the ride included a stretch I frequently rode as a child on the way home from school. In grade 2 I was not allowed to ride my bike all the way to school until I could crest the "big" hill on the way home. The day after I was told that if I could ride up the hill; course I rode the bike all the way up the hill the next day - qualified me as a big kid. 60 years later and I guess I am still a big kid as I easily crested the same hill with several gears to spare. and that was with a left foot that was not doing its full share of cycling.
Sunday October 21 was another nostalgic ride through areas I knew well as a child; interesting to ride along slowly looking at the changes in what is still a rural environment.
I had planned to do another ride to the provincial legislature on Monday but had to meet someone to purchase a new computer which I needed to be able to edit the videos my gopro was taking.
Even with taking time off from some rides I estimate I have ridden 700 k in the first month.


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