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Cycling week Two

I had planned to ride to the legislature each day as part of my picketing to bring attention to the abuses of WorksafeBC and the lack of adequately protective regulations re Electromagnetic Radiation at Worksafe and the complete lack of any laws or standards to protect the public from radiation n the part of the BC Legislature - they continue to refuse to even acknowledge the concerns of many and solid and consistent scientific proof of biological harm caused by current radiation many on this matter.
Thursday Oct 4, 2018 A ride to Sidney to pick a sign I had ordered for my legislature picketing. On the ride home I decided to have dinner at a restaurant along the multiuse trail around the airport. There was no adequate place to lock the bike up so I went to the Roost Roost Vineyard Bistro logoRoost Vineyard Bistro where I knew the food was good, reasonably priced, locally sourced as much as reasonable and tending to towards organic. With the encouragement to use alternate forms of transportation, much the way in days of yore when business were required to have hitching post available at the front of their business bylaws requiring "bike hitching post" bylaws should be enacted for all businesses. Possibly an incentive allowing the business to reduce the number of vehicle parking spots required by zoning and municipal bylaws by a ratio of 10 bike racks equals 1 parking spot less they will be required to have.
"Catrike,Bike, Tadpole, Cycling,Vancouver Island, Victoria, brtitish Columbia,Lochside Trail, Galloping Goose" Day 43378 (days since the turn of the century - also known as Friday Oct 5, 2018). The threat of Rain made this not the best day for a 30 K each way ride. I decided to ride to Langford to support some friends picketing the constituency office of the Premier of the Province John Horgan over his inconsistent action smart meters and lack of acknowledgmmeent of a report noting the number of fires associated with smart meters in British Columbia. When in opposition he frequently told people in his constituency he too had concerns re smart meters; after becoming premier he acquired "political amnesia" on the issue.
The ride back was a challenge to find the right trail. Every cycling trail in the western community is known as the Galloping Goose locally even Google maps makes this error. All trails would have connected me to the trail to Victoria. The best one for me was the E&N Rail trail. After cycling kilometres in increasing rain I was finally able to connect with it only to lose it again while crossing Veterans Memorial. The experience did give me an opportunity to have a better idea of what I needed for cycling rain gear. It also gave me an opportunity to check out many of the Langford cycling lanes. In general they seem to be on most well travelled roads. The improvement I will suggest is riding from a recumbent position, or from a position someone on a mobility scooter or small child too often there was a bewilder array of options for a cyclist to take at intersections and roundabouts. Possibly more green paint at these intersections especially in the form green lines on the sidewalk indicating the best choices for the cyclist may help, along with a bylaw specifying these portions of the sidewalk as multiuse. The only other event on the ride home apart from the incessant rain was on a downhill grade looking for the spot to connect up with the E&N corridor my rear wheel was caught in the railroad track. Before tweetI could stop I was swung around 180 degrees and unfortunately tweaked the wheel a bit - not seriously but, enough to cause to rub on the rear fender a bit. Yes, the ride was more of a learning experience than I anticipated.
Saturday, just a short ride to do some errands I was behind on.
Sunday a trip into London Drugs to exchange my GoPro 6 for a GoPro 7. It was my second "6" in 2 weeks and both needed to be taken back. Did not like having to pay $80 more for a camera with more features I could not and would not use (I avoid electromagnetic radiation as much as possible and certainly do not need the ability to live stream through a cell phone I will not have) but a camera that works is better than one that does not.
Monday and Tuesday no significant riding - just some general rides doing some of those tasks we all need to do and some rides taking video shots to familiarise myself with the camera.


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WorksafeBC like many of workers compensation programs globally has strayed from the foundation envisioned over 100 years ago when workers gave up their right to sue employers in the event of an injury in exchange for no fault insurance. This agreement was known as the "Historic Agreement" 100 years later too many injured workers in BC have found they are not protected by WorksafeBC and are worse off now than the worst their ancestors had to endure when they were injured on the job

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